Friday, 7 July 2017

Narrative Writing

In Aotearoa there lived four chicken. They were wild chicken.
They lived in a deep dark bush. It is peaceful in the bush most of the time but there are builders that a building spa’s and community pools around the place like that.

You might not have noticed but the builder have been getting quite close to the chickens cave. Chika was getting a snack. BOOOOOOOOOOm.  ‘’ what was that said’’  Chika pulling a walnut from the hard mud.

Chika started to run towards the noise on the way she met her brother Rie.
A few moments later Tinka and Rinka saw her 2 twin sisters.  They came to a small clearing and saw what was happening. Every where bulldozers diggers truck people cutting down tree.

‘’What is going on’’ said Chika ‘’I don’t know’’ Rie replied. ‘’We know’’ interrupted the twins “ that are building a luxury spa for dogs and pets’’ said the twins.

DUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! Yelled Rie “ duck where we are all chicken” replied Chika.  WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW !!!! Chika yelled as she stumbled to the ground. “ let’s get out of here” said Rie as he Jumped over the broken branch.

That night Chika had a talk with her family. “ we can’t live here anymore’’  said Chika ’’But then were can live’’ said Rie. ‘’I don't know’’ said Chika I GOT IT !!! Yelled Rie suddenly jumping to his feet ‘’ you got what’’ repeated Chika. ‘’ I got were we can live he grabbed a map from a bush nearby and showed the others.

The others agreed and they prepared for their travel. The next morning they set off to sea was mostly sunny with a bit of cloud. Soon it was afternoon and the chickens were exhausted.

“ I’m Beat” said Rie “ UUUUU SSSSSSSS TTTTTTTT OOOOOO” complained the twins. “Let’s eat and then hit the hay’’ said Chika. That night they all fell asleep all except Chika.

She lay awake on a stack of hay looking up at stars. “Beautiful night isn’t it” said a mysterious voice WWWHHHOOO IISS IIITT stamppered Chika It’s me replied the voice.

A few seconds later a figure appeared soon the figure was right next to her.
“I am oll black beard” said a joyful voice. When the figure stepped into the light of the moon the figure turned out to be a chicken excepted just liked Chika.

“ turn that frown up side down” said black beard, “why ya so dim! “ I don’t know” replied chika “ do you know how to drive the ship No that’s why I am sad.

“I can teach you how to navigate and to find food and sail on ship “okay what do I ow you” said chika “maybe some grub” said black beard.  Chika agreed and went to sleep.

For the last few day Chika got lessons about sailing and fed Black Beard. One clear afternoon Rie shouted “ LLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDDDD HHHHHHOOOO”
Chika looked not far over the horzion and saw some land.

“Prepare to lower the anchor” she Yelled to the rest. They were on dry land by nightfall.  In the morning chika had already woken up she was exploring the Island.

While she was exploring she had found a cave for her family. They moved in and lived happily ever after.

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