Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 13

We had just been left by our tour guide (Curious Kiwi) in the middle of a large bush. Luckily most of the tour group had read about this place well, we all got into groups of three each group had a elderly a toddler and a person that read about this place. Once we were all paired up we decided to carry on our tour and look for Curious Kiwi. We curiously walked along but didn’t go very far when we heard  the crackling of leaves. As we walked on we heard someone call HELP HELP Is was Curious Kiwi.  We hurried towards the sound being careful to stay together. After a while we saw a small clearing with a rocky cave we left five of the groups outside and the other four to go in the cave as we walked into the cave we saw a small glow starting to grow. Finally we saw Curious Kiwi head something in his hands is was a Kiwi and it was had a broken win. We got the other groups outside to come inside and help the Kiwi we got into groups the elders helped make a cast out of harakeke/ flax and the toddlers got sticks and stones to keep the fire alive and the others helped take care of the Kiwi everyone pitched in and helped the innocent Kiwi. By the time we finished it was midday so curious Kiwi carried on the tour and this time he didn’t disappear.


  1. Zaeeda
    What a fantastic narrative and great to see students who are taking the time to craft and publish work in the school holidays. I really enjoyed the time that you took to create your story and really impressed that you also included a digital picture with your writing. My favourite part of the story was when you talked about using Harakeke to make a cast - what a great idea and something that I could really see working because flax is so strong and flexible.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki

  2. Kia ora Zaeeda,

    I completely agree with Mr Webb! You have done a great job with the Winter Learning Journey programme and posted a number of fabulous blogs, including this one! I loved your story! It was really entertaining and creative.

    Awesome work, Zaeeda.