Thursday, 26 October 2017

Drama Recount

This morning room 10 did something different. Something that we don’t usually do on normal mornings , instead of doing writing like a normal Tuesday we did a cool activity that we now have to do a recount about. So this is how it went.

This morning we had team assembly as we usually do on a normal Monday morning. But we had it on Tuesday because we had a labour weekend. So we had a normal assembly then we had S.S.R as usually, you’d think it just a typical morning in room 9/10 but then…..

When room 10 literacy was called to the mat things started to change. We watched a video of Mr bean and we talked about how he acts without using his voice. Some people thought it was funny but me and Levonah didn’t.

After the video Miss West told us to go and line up outside so we could go to the top  field which we don’t usually do on most normal mornings. Anyways we lined up and waited to see what crazy activity awaited us on the field.

When arrived on the field Miss West told us to form a circle. A lot of people thought that we were going to play duck duck goose but we didn’t get our hopes up too soon because Miss West told us it was too wet. We got into a circle and waited for Miss West’s instructions.

As we listened to Miss West instructions I saw that my legs had started to get goose bump. Then I started to clatter my teeth I tried to stop myself but it was really hard. So I pop my hands and mouth into my jumper. It helped a little but I was still cold.

Miss West told us that we were going to do a little drama without using our mouth. This is what we had to do. One person would stand in the middle of the circle pretending to play a sport when Miss West would say FREEZE ! The person playing the sport would have to freeze in whatever position they were in.

Then another person would come in and then change the position from a sport to something else. It was really funny. Because Jedida did this funny act were Amira was running away with money when Jedida came in and made it look like they were lifting weights.

After the second person has changed the act the first person would leave and the second person would freeze in the position they are in. Then another person would come and the they would do the same thing. So that what we did for a little while.

Then we did this another activity where we all had to get into a group of three or four. I was in a group of three with Amira and Ayvah which was funny because I was the only person that started with Z.  Anyways we had to make a scene with our group then someone from another group had to guess what it was.

Amira got this cool Idea were she would steal money from Ayvah then I would be a cop who would chase after Amira. It was really funny especially when Pisi said that we were playing hide n seek and Ayvah was peeking and me and Amira were running to hide.

When we were doing this activity I didn’t really feel comfortable because I have been told and I do think that I am not really a good actor. I did like this activity but I didn’t really like the environment we were doing it in.

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