Sunday, 16 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 11

The movie whale rider is about this girl who is young and her name was Paikea which is weird because I know someone called Paikea at my school. Anyways back to the summary Paikea wanted to learn about chiefdom in her tribe but there is a small problem it's  only for men. I know how she feels life is not fair sometimes Woooopppppssss I should really keep to the story. Anyway with the help of friend and Family she find that riding whale is Awesome. I rate this movie a 5

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  1. Hi Zaeeda,

    It was interesting for me to read your review of the Whale Rider movie because you told us about the movie and you also added in your own opinion. That is completely welcome in blogging. The great thing about blogging is that we are able to share our ideas and our thoughts with others and feel safe to do so.
    As long as we are respectful of others, I am happy for you to express an opinion or to make a statement about life.

    I happen to agree with you that life is not always fair. I really wish that it was but, unfortunately, it does not appear to work that way.

    I hope that you will continue to work on your blogging and keep sharing your thoughts, ideas, experiences and learning with us. We love it!

    Until next time,

    Rachel :)