Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Holiday Blogging 14

Kate Sheppard do you know who she is? I do and I am about to tell you. I am telling you about this because I think that it is not if boys got to do something like have a day off work and girls didn't.

1. Kate Sheppard was born around March 10, 1847 AD, in Liverpool England.
she died at age 87 in Christchurch.

2. Kate Sheppard had a child named Douglas Sheppard. Douglas Sheppard died on 13 July 1934.

3. Kate Sheppard was famous because she was determined in the struggle to make New Zealand the first country in the whole world to let women the right to vote in Parliament.

4. Kate spent  her early years with her uncle who was the minister of the Free Church of Scotland as a result of which her religious declivity began from early age.


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  1. Hi Zaeeda,

    I think that you have chosen a wonderful kiwi icon (famous person) for this activity. As a women here in New Zealand I am so grateful to Kate Sheppard for everything that she did on our behalf. I think that we're very lucky to live in a country that has granted women the right to vote, to go to school, to hold positions of responsibility in government and in the workforce and to make the choice to pursue our dreams. I do recognise that there are still many challenges and hurdles that we all face in trying to make our dreams a reality but I know that, without women like Kate Sheppard fighting for our rights, that it would be even harder than it is now.

    Thank you for choosing such an iconic and influential person for this activity, Zaeeda.

    Rachel :)