Monday, 1 May 2017

The Real story of the big bad wolf

Once there lived a wolf he had a reputation of being the baddest person in the forest but for real he was a big old cushion. One day the wolf was taking a walk when he got sprayed by one of the allergi flower allergi flowers make anyone sneeze at what ever the smell. That night the wolf found out that his grandmother was sick. So the next day  he was made a cake for her to make her feel loved. The wolf got to work he started making the batter when he saw he had no sugar.

So he went to his neighbor's house the little pig to ask for some. At that time the little pig had just finished building his house. The wolf knocked on the door and said ‘’ little pig little pig let me in’’ the little pig answered ‘’ not by the hair of my chiny chin chin’’. Outside by the door a bit of hay fell on his snout a and because of the allergi flowers it made him sneeze.

‘’AAA CCCCCC HHHHHH OOOOOO’’…….. The house of hay had blown away because of the wolf’s sneeze. There on the ground lay the little pig dead, the wolf said to himself ‘’ we don’t want this pig to go to waste’’ he went of to the pig and ate the pig.

But the wolf still didn’t have his sugar. So he moved over to his next neighbor. He walked up to the wood house and  knocked on the door ‘’ little pig little pig let me in’’ the little pig answered ‘’ Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin ‘’  that’s when the dust from next door blew right past the wolf snout.

Once again a humongous sneeze came AAA CCCCCC HHHHH OOOOOO……….. It blew over the house with tiny glimpse of the sneeze the house collapsed and again on the ground was a dead pig.

Once again the wolf said to himself ‘’ we must not let this fest fit for a king go to waste but he wasn’t alone when he ate the second pig next door there also lived a pig and he had misapprehend and called the police right away.

The wolf finished his meal and still had know sugar so he went to the next neighbor. He knocked on the door and said once again ‘’little pig little pig let me in’’ the little pig relped ‘’ not by the hair of my chiny chin chin. Just as he as the wolf turned around to leaved a blue birds feather came down and tickled the wolf snout then ‘’AAA  CCCCCCCCCC HHHHHH OOOOOOOO’’…….

But this time nothing happened  the brick house still standing exactly where it was the ‘’ FREEZE WITH YOUR HANDS UP. they took the wolf to the station and was charged he had to spend his whole life in jail.

                     That’s the real story of the three little pigs.

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