Monday, 15 May 2017

Coin Catching Challenge

Wow!!! That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to do that once more. This morning we did something superb. Room ten literacy went out on the senior hard court and an experience. Room Ten literacy experienced what it is like to do the catching a coin challenge.  

We walked outside in the raw weather and we sat in a round circle on the hardcourt. The seniors were learning and creating and sharing in their classrooms. I Listened as the wind howled past the Buildings. I watched as the iciness crawled up my feet. I wished I had brought my jumper. In silence I waited for Miss West to give  me some clear intructions. then she spoke.

Before we started  Miss West showed us how we were supost to do it but it looked difficult because the people that snuck counters out before we started couldn’t do it. With the wind forcibly blowing against my face my heart pounding, as I grabbed the coin from  Miss West.

Struggling to place the counter on my elbow convincingly did it. With all my tenacity I through the coin into the air my heart starting to calm down I reached my arm out and Caught the coin ……….

For a few seconds I fell silent in miracle I had done it. My mind started get filled with bliss. I quickly shot my hand up in the air to get another coin. I tell my friend that I got it in the first go my friend couldn’t even Believe it either.

Palpitate came down my spine as I got handed the coin from Miss West as I murmured to myself ‘’hocus focus’’. I repeated it and repeated it until I was presumptuous enough.

Then I gathered all my strength and once again through the coins into the air as the wind blew the coin into my hand I watched in traumatism as the coins landed safely on my hand.

I stood there as the wind frostily whirled past me pulling my hair back. After A minute of quiescent I flicked into action and raced to my teacher for another coin.

Before Miss West handed me the coin she yelled to the other kids “ 2 MORE MINUTES”  I got back to my spot and BALM !! I caught it again. I remarked something while I was catching the coins. I wasn’t nervous. The  nerve-racking noise in my head was gone.

Every time I caught a coin I gained more confidence. I got up to seven coins before we had to finish up. We came and sat on the hard court. The we waited for our instructions.

First Miss West said well done. Then she asked us if we could honestly say that we did not cheat. We had a few people own up which made me happy. But A tiny group of people didn’t own up.

This experience was a valuable lesson. I didn’t really like this experience in the beginning but it was kind of fun in the end.

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