Friday, 12 May 2017

Smart Shoe

On Monday Miss West showed us some new technology. She said that we had to predict what it was. Miss west said that we had to partner up and talk about what it might be. It was really loud because Miss West said that we could be as creative as possible.

I think that the object is made of steel because at the bottom there is a silver kind of material that looks like it will sparkle in the sun like steal. If you have the object you can tell if it is steal because it will be really heavy. The product can also be made of rubber because most shoe looking objects are made of rubber.  This product can also be made of waterproof material like leather I know some people think that leather isn’t waterproof but it depends on how it is treated. Untreated leather will just take in the water and will not rot or change.

Well everything is made for a purpose and the product must have a purpose because if the object doesn’t have a purpose why was it created. I think that this product was created because someone was sick of buying expensive massage machines that aren’t fit for their purpose so they made there own massage machine. The product might’ve also been created because someone that had a broken leg said ‘’ when I had a broken leg it took too long to heal. So  then the person got to work and made a cast that healed your leg from any kind of injury. I think that the product it powered by rubbish.

Wow I had know Idea! Guess what we watched a video and it turn out that the product is a smart shoe it was really surprising because I thought it was something way different. Whoever invented the smart shoe is a genius. The smart shoe is connected to your phone and smartwatch if you have small feet you don’t have to worry about the size because it has self lacing and it to make it fit your feet. The smartphone tells you where the person wearing the shoe’s is and how many steps the person has taken. The smart shoe also has heating to give your feet warmness. The smart  shoe also tells you your body weight and your height.

I think that this product is a good Idea because if people have been told to do a amount of steps then you can use the smart shoe to count your Ideas. In the future people might use this product for useful things.

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