Friday, 5 May 2017

Immersion Assembly Recount

Now that’s ‘’ This is going to be a momentous term I can’t wait to get started’’ ‘’yeah me to I am going to try and finish my work early so I can try new things’’ ‘’immersion Assembly was so cool’’.  

Finding out what theme pes had for term 2
On monday the first of May Pt England had their first day back at school. Everyone was dying to know what the Theme was for PES’s term 2. Then at 9.00 am the children of Pt england found out what the theme for term 2 at pt england school was. The theme for pes’s term 2 was NOW THAT’S THINKING!!!!

How we felt about our theme
At first I thought that the term was going to be boring and about a ton of research. But then when we saw what the other teams were doing and it got way more interesting. In team 4 I thought that we were going to be looking at how things were made and what kind of things were put in to make things which kind of sounded boring to me.

What I thought know that’s thinking means

When I heard our theme the first thing that came to my mind was all the people who had to think hard about creating. But in team 4 this term we are looking at what the kind of tools and sources the moari had before pakaha came to New Zealand.

What we have learned so far  
So far in room 10 litericy we have learned that one of the sources that moari had before pakaha came to New Zealand was plants moari often used plants for things like medications and hand cream and they also used flax to make clothes. Another source that maori used was plant fibres. Moari use plant fibres to make paper.

What I am most interested to learn about

The thing that I want to learn about is why things were made because every thing was made for a reason. For example phones were made for a reason a phone was made because it was hard to write to each other. Another example would be why hair ties were invented because some one probably said ‘’I have to find a way to keep my hair back but long.

What I think of this term

Well I think that this term is going to be really cool because we are already thinking of making something in team 4 we are going to be making waka. I can’t wait to share more of this term with you. It is going to be much so fun.

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