Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Fitting a bike helmet

This week we tried on bike helmets and we had a bike safety lesson my bike helmet size if medium what size are you?
here are some the instructions you should do before riding

  1. Check for cracks by pulling it out but not to hard
  2. Put helmet on head and see if it fits  see if it fits by putting 2 finger on your forhead or you can fit more than 2 fingers on and you still  doesn’t reach  your eyebrows it is too small
  3. Then you have to tip you head over and see if it falls off if it does try another one if it doesn’t good ( watch out for others)
  4. Next check the straps usually is would be in a v but we don’t want a v we want a y you can adjust the straps from the buckles under your chin
  5. Check once more if  the helmet doesn’t fall off  don’t forget to try multiple ones
  6. Click the straps and make sure it clicks then you are ready
  7. Check if you can fit 2 finger under your chin.

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