Friday, 11 August 2017

Earth Natural Resources

Do you ever wonder what the earth's natural resource are? Well I am about to tell you about the earth's resources,  I am also going to tell you about what make our planet habitable.

Some of the earth's natural resource might surprise you. A few of the earth's natural resources are oxygen and sun.  natural resources are important to us because if we didn’t have natural resources we wouldn’t be able to live.

The first resource I am going to discuss with you is  the sun. The sun is a natural resource it is used for multiple things like growing plants and drying clothes. The sun is a really important resources because we wouldn’t have days with out the sun. The sun is found in the middle of the solar system. DING DING mini fact the sun is at the middle of the solar system did you know that planet have Goldilocks zone and we need just the right zone.

Next I will be talking about soil. Soil, what is soil ? Well most people call soil dirt but scientist have a special scientific name for it called soil.  Soil is very important because without soil we wouldn’t have plants and without plant we wouldn’t have tree and if there was no trees we would have no fruit. Soil is found in lots of different forms sometimes sticky and squish and sometimes hard and tough but we all know that it is soil aka dirt. DING DING mini fact did you know that soil has air in it is  soil how does the soil get air in side well tiny bugs like ants and worm dig hole in the soil so that's how soil has air in it.

last but hopefully not least I come to my last resource. I am now going to discuss water. Water is a type of liquid that keeps us hydrated water can become a solid and a liquid and a gas. 71% of the earth is covered with water and 95% of the ocean is undiscovered.  DING DING mini fact earth has a lot of resources but water is the most renewable resources ever.

So  I hope you learned something. One more thing I am going to tell you these resources are dieing and there are more that are dieing out there and it is for uncountable number of reasons that those resources are dieing so in my opinion we should all pitch in to help save planet earth. What is your opinion?

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