Tuesday, 12 June 2018

My Matariki

Walt: to structure a recount.

How was your Matariki day? I had the most spectacular Matariki day, it was full of surprises and adventure. It was AWESOME!

I was in M.K.R My Kai Rules. In my group I had Hope and Nevayah, I also made a new friend she was a year five and her name is Bella. For the day my group was going to do Baking and cooking. It was going to be a great day, I could feel it.

The first thing we did was washing our hands, we then talked about the pleiades the Matariki Star Cluster. after that we started to make our first dish we were going to make FRUIT KEBABS. We started off by coring our apples peeling the kiwi fruit and separating our grapes. We then got our kebab stick and we were super tempted to taste the marshmallow but we held back. We then all came together with our dishes and then we presented them and boy were they good Yum!

Soon it was morning tea time which was a great time to get some fresh air. When the bell rang we gathered back in the staff room and then got back to cooking first we talked about matariki we then made CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. We had a lot of fun experimenting and secretly tasting the cookie dough. We left the cookies in the oven and went to lunch, and when we came back THEY WERE DONE. We sat down around the table and said a prayer then we tasted the cookies THEY WERE DELICIOUS!

The food was great we had egg and butter sandwiches, marmite and cheese sandwiches, chocolate fudge, fruit kebabs chocolate biscuits and chocolate chip cookies. Once we finished and had made a plate full of the yummy food, we cleaned up and went to the hall. When we went to the hall we watched movies from the groups and saw the beautiful creations the other teams made. When it was our turn to show the school what we made Mr Burt said I had to talk about the food it was really fun.

I think that this was the best matariki day yet. I am really looking forward to the next matariki day. I enjoyed cooking and it is my favorite thing to do. My favorite thing we did was well was EVERYTHING! Next time I want to cook something else not that I didn’t like it I just want to cook and bake more things

Task Description: Last Friday we had a matariki celebration we were split up all over the school and we did one of our favorite activities. Today we wrote a recount and now I am posting it on my blog. Enjoy! 

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