Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Thank You Letter

Walt: Aperricating  simple things in our life

Room 7
Pt England School
14 March, 2018

Dear Mr Jacobson

Thank you for helping set up not one but two activities at camp. I bet camp would not have been possible without you. Your really know how to make a game I bet people in the future would really enjoy playing your camp activities. I also think that kids in the past feel the same way.

  I had an AMAZING!! Camp highlight it was at Killer Zone. I had fun at Killer Zone in year 5 and in year 6 it was really fun this time because Klean Krushers won by 1 second. I wish I could go back and play it again 2 or 3 more times it was that fun. I was sad to leave Killer Zone because is was SSsOOooo… much fun.

Another camp highlight was when we went kayaking down at the reserve because it was cold and  we had to wear rain coats out of rubbish bags it was funny. Oh and down at the reserve I kayaked around and back from the green post in a single kayak it was a really huge deal for me because when I reached the beach our group had to go back to school.

My Favourite highlight was the camp concert the suspense was kill me about who was the winner and yes I agree that the pollution police did the best performance ever. My favourite part was when the girls and the boys switched side because I think it really gave there performance some pizaz. 

Thank you again for putting in a huge effort into setting up the activties. I think that this activty is a great way to interact with each other and to really keep busy. I just would like to say a huge THANK YOU MR JACOBSON!!!!

Yours Sincerely 

Task Description: A few days ago we had our year 5&6 camp and it was AMAZING!!! anyways during this event we had a lot of people help with this event and made it possible. So instead of writing about how much we enjoyed it we wrote a thank you letter to people who helped.

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