Thursday, 22 February 2018

Eggcellent Eggperience

Walt: structure a recount.

Today we had an awkward eggsperience. It was super weird, and Mr Goodwin put heaps of pressure on us because the our friend’s life depended on it. Have you ever had a big responsibility?

Today we got given friend’s and they were eggs. I knew eggxactly what we were going to do with them. I knew what we were going to do with them because my sister Alisha did this in Mr Goodwin’s class too. Mr Goodwin had drawn a face on his egg and Marika said we should name him Bob. I thought it was funny and pretty soon I couldn’t help cracking up, after a while we were all laughing and Mr Goodwin couldn’t stop us from doing it. Anyways we got our eggs and we had to draw a face on them with vivid's I named my Amira and she had a winky face.

Once we had finished drawing and naming our egg friends we left our class carefully cradling our eggs I named mine after Amira. Amira named her egg Farah and Farah named her egg Zaeeda. As soon as we stepped outside I got super duper nervous because when we got the egg we were sitting and I didn’t feel like a butter fingers but when we got outside I did. When we arrived we got into groups and took picture with our human and egg friends and as I waited I was really scared because Tepaia and Quincess kept tapping there eggs on my head.

After a while we got to take our egg friends on the park and on the park we showed our egg friends around school. Me and Amira had heaps of fun with each other and Amira learnt a lot about our school. After our tour of the park we lined up by the edge of the park and Mr Goodwin took a picture of the people that had cracked there egg. There were four boys that had cracked their eggs. I felt sorry for there eggs and a little bit guilty for them. On the way back Amira told me that Caleb was sad, I asked her if it was because his egg cracked but she didn't know.

I think that this was a eggcellent eggperience because in some movies I have seen were there is a day at school when the teachers give the students eggs and a partner they have to look after their eggs like their own little baby. Anyways this eggperience was really cool and I hope we do more eggperiences like this one in the future.

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