Thursday, 26 October 2017

Text Response

This week Maugakiekie had to read some text and respond to the text. this is what we had to respond to. Do you think it is a good Idea to learn you r timetable through songs Why/ or Why not ?

My opinion: This is my response I think it is a GREAT!!!! idea to learn our timetable through a song because people really like listening music and you would have a lot of fun  making it to. 

Prof from the text:
I also think it is a good Idea because when people like a song it is really easy to learn a song and if a song has your times tables in them they would learn there timetable. Just like the ABC song it teaches you your ABC's. scientist have also researched that pairing music and rhythm and pitch  it can also raise your learning because music intend to help us pay attention it can also make boring activities much more amusing.

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