Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Solar Eclispse

 WOW! We have just gotten to witness the eclipse in 2017 august 21st. This will go down in history and I will probably remember this until the next solar eclipse.

I was so lucky that they were handing out eclipse glasses so our eyes won’t get damaged even a little ray of the solar eclipse even for a few second can damage your eyes.

Do you know what a solar  eclipse is well I am about to tell you a solar eclipse is when the moon goes over the sun but since the moon it to cover the sun completely there are still a few bead poking out one of them are called the diamond ring.

Wow this was so cool did you know that when there is a solar eclipse human aren’t the only one reacting. animals and plants also react. For example flowers might start to close up.

This has been amazing being able to watch this eclipse it would probably be the only eclipse I would remember. In the future I would love to watch a solar eclipse so till then.

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