Friday, 9 June 2017

Animation Voice Over

Hi My name is Zaeeda and I am going to show you how technology has changed over the years using sailing. I am also going to  show you some of the technology maori had before the Polynesian settlers arrived in New Zealand because our theme for this term is Now That’s Thinking. Did you know that boats are the most used water vehicles and have been around for thousand of years ?

Before the polynesian settlers arrived the maori used tree to make waka. The polynesian settlers arrived and brought their metal and printed cloth and tools. Nile boats were used instead of waka in other parts of the world. Nile boats were used to go down streams and the nile boat was carried by the currents and the wind.

After that there were the viking boats. Viking boats are much like boats we use today. Viking boats are thin sail boats because the hulls are thin but they have sails. The name viking means a pirate raid.
After that boat was invented the sailboat was invented it was used to go on far away lands and discover what lay beyond the sea. They also used big sail boats to ship objects from country to country. Humongous sail boats are used by pirates and far off travelers.

A few years later speed boats we invented they had engines and propellors to make them go super fast. By then there also was the nuclear power boats that were used by russians and a little bit of china. Did you know that new Zealand doesn’t let russia's boats that are nuclear powered in because they will pollute our waters.

By then all boats were made of metal and they had parts for boats in fatory’s and by then polltion was starting to become a problem and by then there also were planes and shops and lot’s of lollies and a lot of malls.

The End

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